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All website design estimates include our basic design and setup costs as well as your first year's hosting and domain name costs. Any promotional offers are not included in this calculation.

Annual cost estimates include your hosting, domain names and any required maintenance.

Setup costs
Base rate for all websites [£200.00]
Our base rate costs includes such things as the design and setup of your site's pages, structure, layout, style sheets, as well as final website testing etc.
Website hosting costs [From £100.00]
Your first year's hosting ("Initial") includes the uploading/editing of the website content whilst it is being set up and the first 12 months of hosting therafter. Each subsequent year's hosting ("Annual") covers an additional 12 months. Our web hosting costs are as follows:
Standard websites £100.00 (Initial), £85.00 (Annual)
Database websites: £125.00 (Initial), £125.00 (Annual)
Number of pages
How many pages do you need? [Add £20.00 per page]
Just give an estimate if you are unsure. Unless you use a single page site layout (like this one) you will probably need at least 2: a main home page and a contact page.
Updating the site
Will your site need a database? [Add £300.00]
You will need a database if you want to update any content yourself. Database driven websites have an increased annual hosting price of £125.00
If so, do you want annual testing, maintenance & daily backups of your database? [Add £125.00 Annually]
This ensures the database used is a tested, current and up-to-date version with backups taken each day to allow for disaster recovery.
Do you want our update contract? [Add £125.00 Annually]
Our update contract is useful if you need us to make relatively frequent or larger changes to your site. Strike a balance between whether you think we would spend more than 5 hours updating your site each year...if not, you don't need this!
Your website address (domain)
Do you want a basic UK domain name? [Add £15.00]
Basic UK domain names end in "", "" and ""
Do you want a standard domain name? [Add £20.00]
Standard domain names end in ".com", ".net", ".org"
Do you want a different domain name? [Ask for pricing]
Any other domain names not listed may be a different price. Please get in touch for a price on your preferred domain name if it is not listed.
NOTE: If you want a different domain name, any estimated prices quoted on this site will be excluding the domain, including your annual costs.

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